Most our customers are pleasantly surprised when they hear the price. It's actually significantly way lower than you might think.

We supply the market's smallest lifts which are customised accordingly to your requirement.

In addition to using efficient motor, we feature and an energy-saving mode that dramatically reduces standby power consumption when the lift is not in use.

Because home lifts barely take up more space than the lift itself only minor changes are necessary.




  Property Value increase with lift installation 


 A lift increases the value of your home.

  • Don’t take our word for it just because we say so! Statistics shows that a lift will increase the value of your home. A simple search on propertyguru or any legit property agent will confirm that.



 Convenience of having a lift  

Satisfaction and Convenience

  • Your home lift will bring you more satisfaction and convenience than you can ever imagine. Whether it is the multiple trips up and down the stairs with laundry, furniture, kids, senior citizens, groceries or while entertaining guests.


 Singapore Lift coolest feature  

 The coolest furniture

  • Your lift will be your home's coolest piece of furniture. Your neighbour has an expensive antique clock. But do they have a lift?

Our lifts can be customised to offer personalised features.

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